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Teacher Training


Love yoga? Want to help others? Become a yoga teacher today!

Pure Yoga Pilates has teamed up with now:yoga in NYC for 200 hour Teacher Training. Train with the best! Frank Mauro, Edward Jones and Joe Miller of now:yoga have over 30 years of combined experience teaching yoga and over 20 years of combined experience teaching teachers.

Over the course of 9 weekends, you will develop the skill, knowledge, and confidence to teach an engaging, deep, and safe vinyasa yoga class. With over 20 years of combined experience leading teacher training, Edward Jones, Frank Mauro and Joe Miller from now:yoga in New York City are uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of becoming a teacher.


Complete a teacher training application
Submit a letter of recommendation from a yoga teacher
Email materials to or mail to the address below

View Application Here!
Application Deadline: September 1st, 2017

A $500 deposit is due with your application
Balance of payment is due in full by the start of the training (checks payable to Pure Yoga Pilates, or pay by credit card) or contact Pure Yoga Pilates to set up a payment plan.

$3150 payable in 9 monthly installments of $350/month
(payments due by first day of each training weekend)

Paid in full by September 1st, 2017: $2950

Early Bird Discount: $2750 (Deadline August 15th)


“Life changing, pure and simple. This certification was so much more than just ‘learning how to teach yoga’. Beyond being given an invaluable training experience, I found a loving, supportive and often times hilarious community of lifelong friends. I did the training to become a yoga teacher, but beyond that I found a path to a rich and rewarding personal practice. ”
-Joe D.

“I would enthusiastically recommend the now:yoga teacher training to anyone interested in deepening their yoga practice or embarking on a teaching career. I started off unsure if I wanted to teach, but after completing the 200 hour course I felt encouraged and confident to pass on the gift of yoga to others and have been teaching ever since. I liked the one (intense!) weekend per month format because it meant minimal time away from my family plus I had a whole month to process and absorb the material. I was excited to go to every session and amazed at how much information we covered on the physical practice, the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga, and the nuts and bolts of teaching. My notebook is full and will serve me for many years. Together Edward, Frank and Joe brought abundant experience, sensitivity, humor and warmth to the training while creating a fun, non-judgmental space to explore and experiment. Edward, Frank and Joe have a profoundly serious dedication to the craft of teaching yoga and I am forever grateful for their time with us.”
-Jessica R.

“The teacher training experience was more than what I could have hoped for. I entered the training with a little anxiety, not knowing what to expect and whether I even wanted to be a teacher. The teachers from now:yoga put me at east immediately as they guided me through training. I looked forward to our yoga teacher training weekends and the workload outside of training was fair and reasonable for people with busy lifestyles. Not only did I become more aware of my own practice, but I fostered a deeper love for yoga, making me want to teach and share my passion with others. I wish I could go through it again!”
-Tara M.

“The 200 hour Teacher Training Course with Now Yoga was a fun, engaging experience that helped me to better understand the philosophy and concepts within my practice, as well as the mechanics of the postures. Each instructor brings a high level of experience and knowledge while also creating an open and friendly culture that welcomes questions, discussion and offers balanced feedback. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach yoga or expand their knowledge base of their own practice.”
-Stephanie D.

“The Pure Yoga Teacher program is second to none. This program provides the inspiration, awareness and tools to facilitate your yoga journey on and off the mat. Whether you are looking to become a yoga instructor, taking your yoga practice deeper or simply living a more enhanced, richer life.”
-Joe D.

(500 Hour Teacher Training | Coming Soon! Check back for details!)

Program Benefits

• Practice teaching in a supportive and encouraging environment
• Develop the unique quality of your voice
• Learn to intelligently and creatively sequence a class
• Explore how to transmit yoga dharma and philosophy in an authentic and accessible way
• Learn the fundamentals of anatomy and how they apply to teaching yoga
• Learn alignment principals and modifications for any asana
• Practice safe and effective hands-on adjustments
• Study basic pranayama techniques and how to teach them
• Work with the fundamentals of meditiation
• Learn how to teach beginners
• Become familiar with the business of yoga

17/18 Class Dates

• Sept 8-10 Frank
• Oct 13-15 Joe
• Dec 1-3 Frank
• Dec 15-17 Frank
• Jan 19-21 Edward
• Feb 9-11 Frank
• March 16-18 Joe
• April 6-8 Joe
• May 18-20 Edward